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Welcome to the World of CONTRACTOR!

Created in 1986 by Ken Flett, a seasoned heavy equipment operator from Ashcroft, CONTRACTOR is a board game that mirrors the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the construction industry. Ken was inspired by his experiences while working on the Coquihalla Highway, aiming to encapsulate the challenging yet rewarding aspects of construction in a competitive and engaging board game.

Designed for 2 to 6 players aged 8 and upwards, CONTRACTOR offers a mix of strategic planning, resource management, and a bit of luck, making it an enjoyable game for the whole family. Players assume the roles of construction contractors, each striving to outbid their competitors, manage resources, and navigate through various challenges like bad weather, mechanical repairs, and workforce issues to earn the most money and win the game.

A Journey of Resilience and Passion

Ken Flett's journey with CONTRACTOR is a tale of perseverance. After facing significant setbacks, including a distributor's bankruptcy in 1988 that resulted in a massive loss of the game's first batch, Ken never lost sight of his vision. In 2023, CONTRACTOR was relaunched with a fresh look and a new batch of 2,000 copies. It is now available in stores across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, as well as for online purchase.

This game not only represents the essence of the construction business but also reflects the ups and downs of life and business that Ken himself experienced. His commitment to bringing this game to life, despite the challenges, makes CONTRACTOR not just a game, but a story of passion and resilience.

Game Experience

Players of CONTRACTOR move tokens around a playing board, bidding on jobs, purchasing equipment, and managing a myriad of operational issues like employee relations and mechanical breakdowns. The game features a variety of components including construction equipment materials, money, workday, weather, and equipment cards, bid sheets, and work schedules. Each job is broken into phases, with players earning money as they complete each stage. Encounters with adverse weather, demanding crew members, and competitive bidding add layers of complexity and excitement to the gameplay.

Join the Adventure

Dive into the world of construction through CONTRACTOR and experience the excitement and challenges of managing a burgeoning construction empire. Whether you're negotiating contracts or weathering storms, each playthrough promises a unique adventure, just as Ken Flett envisioned nearly four decades ago.

For more insights into the creation of CONTRACTOR and Ken Flett's inspiring journey, you can read the full story in his interview with Castanet Kamloops. Join us in this engaging game of strategy and making your own luck, where only the savviest contractors can emerge victorious!

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