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 From Bulldozers to Board Games: The Remarkable Journey of "CONTRACTOR" 

Nearly four decades ago, Ken Flett, a heavy equipment operator from Kamloops who was working on the Coquihalla Highway, dreamed up a board game that encapsulates the construction industry's dynamic nature. Inspired by his firsthand experiences, Flett envisioned a game where players navigate the highs and lows of construction, from managing finances to dealing with unpredictable weather and crew members like Inefficient Ike and Production Pete.

Despite initial setbacks, including a distributor's bankruptcy that led to a significant loss of the game's first batch in 1988, Flett never let go of his vision. In 2023, "CONTRACTOR" received a fresh look and a new batch of 2,000 copies, finding its way into stores across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, and becoming available for online purchase.

Flett's journey, detailed in a recent interview with Castanet Kamloops, shows his perseverance and passion. His story is not just about creating a board game but also about navigating the ups and downs of life and business, much like the game itself.

To read the full story of Ken Flett’s journey with "CONTRACTOR," read the interview at Castanet Kamloops.

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