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Understanding Contractor: The Board Game

A fun, Monopoly-like board game about construction, economics, and being a real-life contractor

Contractor is a dynamic, roll-and-move board game where players step into the shoes of construction contractors, aiming to amass wealth through strategic bidding, equipment management, and job completion. Much like Monopoly, Contractor is centered on economic strategy, but instead of highlighting real estate development, it focuses on the specifics of the construction industry, providing players with a more focused and realistic simulation of being a contractor.

How Contractor is Played


The main objective in Contractor is to accumulate the most money by the end of the game. This is achieved through successful bidding on construction jobs, efficient management of resources, and completing phases of various construction projects.


Game Phases

Winning the Game

The game ends when a player completes all ten phases of their job(s) and collects a bonus from the bank. All players then tally their money, considering completed phases, equipment sold, and loans repaid. The player with the highest total wealth wins.

Comparing Contractor to Monopoly

Contractor shares core aspects and mechanics of Monopoly, such as economic strategy, property management, and the familiar roll-and-move mechanics. However, Contractor differentiates itself with its unique job bidding process, phase-based job completion, and continuous player engagement, offering a more immersive and educational experience that mirrors real-world construction challenges. Let’s look at similarities, then a few differences:



Educational Value

Contractor goes beyond entertainment by teaching players the basic economics of the construction industry. It emphasizes strategic planning, resource management, and the importance of cost estimation and bidding, mirroring real-life contractor challenges. With many choices presented to the player on their turn, and a valuable amount of freedom provided to work or not, players learn the pros and cons of making choosing various options.

Bringing Your Construction Dreams to Life

Contractor offers a unique twist on the classic board game formula by immersing players in the world of construction. Its blend of economic strategy, competitive bidding, and realistic job management provides an engaging and educational experience. Whether you're a fan of Monopoly looking for a new challenge or someone interested in the intricacies of the construction industry, Contractor is a game that promises both fun and learning.

For more detailed rules and gameplay instructions, you can refer to the official instruction manual.

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